Hints of Gold. Guest Post. by Arcadian Lighting.

We are sharing eight interiors with just hints of gold. Golden accents add a beautiful, aristocratic touch to any home décor scheme. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

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Your Weekend Project. Build a Gallery Wall. How To Guide.

A gallerie wall is the perfect way to add personality to your walls and make sense of the collection of photos, art, or any other objects that you may cherish. Below, is a guide of how to put together your gallerie wall.

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From monograms, to art covered with text…..Accessories that SAY SOMETHING

While I never owned anything personalized, I love the idea of a monographed or personalized accessory. It adds that luxurious touch at an affordable cost. I do, on the other hand decorate with text. From Old street signs, vintage eye doctor charts and pillows.

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The Beautiful Ones

  So in my research I am finding that yellow and other bold pieces, is the mood for interiors this spring/summer 2010. See the above home page for CB2. I was immediately inspired to do an 80's room board. This room scene reminded me of one of

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The Fabulous Mr. Adler

He is my hero of the day! Today I am scouting pieces for a very eclectic anything goes couple in the Evanston, IL area. I came across these pieces by this genius of a sculptor, Jonathan Adler…. Jonathan Adler-> Wow, I love designers who have a natural

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Can we talk about the 6ft Rhino in the room?

OK, I am a new blogger but, I definitely have enough experience in design to know that eclectic with class is huge. With this sculpture, it would add that eclectic twist to any decor. This piece is by Lamberty in London. It is on sale for $8700.00!

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