Anyone who knows me and my story knows that diabetes has impacted my family to the fullest extent. After having two organ transplants, and then a young child diagnosed, we daily pray for a cure to this exhausting, emotional disease. When I got the invite for this event, I felt compelled to pass this along….

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Inspired by my Man. Menswear on the Catwalk. Menswear in Interior Design.

Seeing any man in a well tailored suit, gives out a confident disposition about its wearer. He is put together, influential, and slightly cocky. All definite turn ons. This mood is being transitioned not only into the female fashion arena, but in the home as well.

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Design Chicago. Martyn Lawrence Bullard Katherine Ireland. Juan Montoya.

My Highlights… Martyn Lawrence Ballard from Million Dollar Decorators called me Delicious. Yes, while signing his book Live, Love, Decorate Martyn called me DELICIOUS! During her keynote Kathryn Ireland called the Max Factor heir Shannon Factor the “B” word, and Juan Montoya said my smile was contagious.

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See it. Farrow and Ball. New Upper East Side Showroom.

OK. Talk about HAUTEness! How they got a permit to wallpaper in one of my F&B faves LOTUS  is beyond me.  If you can stop in and send me more pics of this place. (the building must be hard to miss)Oh and sources say they are hiring too…http://www.editoratlarge.com/interiordesignjobs/showroom-manager-upper-west-sideIf

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