Interior design is so much more than simply buying furniture. Changing your home also means changing your life. Sometimes, it can be downright scary. It takes creative problem solving, planning, budgeting, and successful communication to turn your house into a home. My goal is to build a long-term relationship with you. In fact, a designer/owner relationship is a lot like a romance. But instead of falling in love with me, you’ll be falling in love with your living space. So here is how it works in four easy steps:
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I meet with you and your family and learn more about you. Don’t clean up! I need to see how you really live. It’s not just about making it pretty; it’s also about making it functional. It’s my job to connect you with what makes you comfortable and map out the overall vision for your home.


Working together, we sort out a time line and budget. Then we put it all in writing to give you a clear idea about how the whole thing will go.
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During this phase we’ll assess your home in great detail. I start refining a plan for your final approval. This plan includes: conceptual sketches, proposed floor plans, furniture suggestions, and recommendations for textiles, wall treatments, window coverings, flooring, and other materials for your project.


In this step you will be able to visalize your design, and how your home will come together.
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After the final design plan is approved we then set the final budget and begin the purchasing and procurement phase. I request fabrication of custom pieces and order the other furnishings as outlined in our plan.


I keep close tabs on the process and keep you up to date. And then the exciting part, we set the date!
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My team thoroughly inspects each piece of new furniture and gets it ready for the installation. They will also start painting, based on the color schemes we’ve picked out. When the house is ready, we firm up the delivery date for furnishings, window treatments, and area rugs. I am present at time of delivery to direct placement and installation of each item in its designated place. A second installation for lamps and accessories typically follows the primary delivery of furniture and other large items.


And then the magic happens: the walkthrough of your newly completed space. This is the part of the job that I love the most. Tears, laughter and jumping up and down. It’s filled with emotion as you discover the home you always dreamed of, right there at your fingertips. I’ll admit, I keep a box of Kleenex handy for myself as I watch your dreams come to life.