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Bottom line, Tiffany is the BEST designer I have EVER worked with…and I’ve worked with several since building our home in Antioch 10 years ago. She spends time in the beginning getting to know your taste, involves you as little or as much as you want in the process, has NO problem shifting directions based on your reactions (and often times you don’t even have to say anything, she’ll know by your expression whether you’re feeling it or not), To sum it up…. she is phenomenal!


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Tiffany Brooks is an interior designer who has helped develop a decorating plan for our family room and master bedroom – and we are working with her and an architect to finish our basement. Tiffany has been very helpful in thinking through our needs, assessing how our family functions, and helping us articulate the kind of aesthetic we enjoy. Then she pulls together information on all of the color schemes, fabrics, furniture, and accessories that would complete the look – within a specific budget. She has ideas on how to find great values on your own – but she can also come in and do everything for you. I have appreciated that in addition to coming to your home, she is great at accomplishing a lot over email and the telephone to continue to get the job done (especially when our schedules/lives become so busy and home decorating falls to the bottom of the priority list). I don’t want to oversell Tiffany here – but I have found that she is really able to provide a high-level of service and value that I have not experienced as I tried working with a few other designers in the past.


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Thanks Tiffany – I love the mood board and will use it as I try to get started on this on my own! It was great having you over, I really learned a lot and I’m excited about this project. The tip about the night stands is great – makes perfect sense, and I don’t know that I would of thought of that on my own. Thanks for everything, you are very good at what you do and I love that you empower people to take basic concepts/tips and try on their own – something feels really good about that. I’m going to tackle this and then I”d like to also bring you back to help with my office and dining room.

Have a great week – and thanks again (money well spent)!



We hired Tiffany for a design consultation and were thrilled with the results. She is a GREAT listener and really customized her recommendations to our style and lifestyle, while being mindful of our budget. We loved her ideas and her fresh take on our space and found her services to be very reasonable and valuable to us. We can’t wait for our new pieces to come in!



I just wanted to say that we got lucky off a craigslist ad I posted 6 years ago and you answered and you helped us come up with paint schemes and furniture. At that time when we talked to 15 different “interior designers” you were the one that stuck out to us as someone who cared about what WE (the clients) wanted in our home.

Kavita Maharaj and I hit the designer jackpot!!!! You sat with us to figure out what we wanted. You brought us things to work on and actually listened to us about what we wanted for our space.

Ketan R Mody & Kavita Maharaj

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Words can not express how amazed and happy I am with the finish product. Yes Ms.Tiffany did that!! You pushed me out of my neutral comfort zone and introduced me to patterns and colors which brought the room to life. Even when I was a little hesitant you said “trust me it will look amazing”. And you were so right I love the black and white art on the wall and kids love their silhouttes. We enjoyed working with you and your assistant. ..even my daughter said ” mom Ms.Tiffany is so nice when I get a house and money I am going to have her decorated”. Thank you creating a warm and inviting space and look forward to our next adventure. ..the master bedroom.


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