Such an awesome weekend followed by a horrible week! After the high of being featured on Bring It Home Chicago all this week (If you have not seen it click below) Our basement flooded.

Yep, water everywhere. Its down there ruining our carpeting and pad in our bar and theatre room…(sigh) I told my husband Dante, it is a certainty that we are going to have to pull up the padding, and toss it. But since I hate carpeting anyway, now is my chance to go with these creamy white floors from IKEA!!!
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What do you think? To institutional? Well, for the price of less than $800 for an entire floor, lock me up honey!!!(Giggle)
No worries, I do have other colors.  I have slate gray walls, combined with our different sporting themes , and a monsterous black and steel pool table; No way it will look like a room at the Overlook Hotel!
Have a Blessed Weekend & Happy Mothers Day!

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